My Angers Week picks

There will be so much going on next week as part of Angers Week. I thought I would share my picks. (Although it’s very personal and you should check the full schedule at All events are also on the French in Austin calendar.)

There’s a lot more, and you should check the full listing of events on, Facebook or the French in Austin calendar (from which you could easily add all French-speaking and francophile events in Austin to your calendar using the Google Agenda button).

The covers for the different shows are very reasonable given the number and quality of the bands playing, but if you’re short on money and still want to attend, you could volunteer with Austin Angers Creative (the organizer of the festival) as an event floater on There are also opportunities to put up flyers and posters, and to pick up artists or the Angers chef at the airport. Check them out on!


La Madeleine grows and offers discounted food to employees


Do you like eating at La Madeleine? What about working there and get 50% off all their food?! The Dallas-based country French café chain is hiring for all restaurant positions in Austin. Check out their listing on and their employees’ reviews on Like for any employer, they’re mixed, but most reviewers agree it’s great to have discounted quality food.

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Go France, go!

I was too busy watching France’s and USA’s games against Honduras and Ghana at the World Cup in Brazil +reading about French Spurs players’ role in San Antonio’s new NBA champion title those past two days to post pictures of the French and francophiles watching the game at Honduran restaurant in Austin Las Hamacas, but here’s a glimpse of the nice crowd that gathered for the occasion.

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