The French’s program at SXSW

The whole French’s program at SXSW is now published on

La French TechWe don’t have all the details of all the events yet, but on top of the French chefs’ popup restaurant French in Austin already announced, I can already tell you there will be conferences at the Hilton Dowtown and the French Tech Pavillion in the Convention center, startup pitches at both the French Legation and the Convention center, an entrepreneurs giant meetup, a presentation of Austin’s ecosystem for French companies and their families, movie sessions, DJ sets, and two full afternoons of live music.

Sunday the 15th might be the best and easiest day to join for the locals. That’s when the giant entrepreneurs meetup and the presentation by the French American Business Council of Austin and the other French American organizations in Austin will take place.

But the French Tech Club’s focus on Monday the 16th will be food, wine & tech, a topic likely to get the general public’s attention, just as much as the intriguing Slip français Very love trip of Tuesday the 17th. It is to be noted that the French Tech Club will close later that night, at midnight, instead of 10PM the other days.

As SXSW transitions from Interactive to Music, Austin’s sister city in France (Angers), will take the lead with the Autin Angers showcase of Wednesday the 18th.

On Thurday the 19th, it will be back to tech, with an intelligent objects afternoon.

Before the French music export bureau concludes those six French days at SXSW on Friday the 20th.


French Tech Club at South by Southwest Day 1

IMG_6541Today’s been very exciting for the French in Austin. For the first time ever, France has an organized presence at South by Southwest! So, as the French Tech Club opened its door with a wonderful French brunch prepared by French chef Rémi Fournier and his team at 311 East 5th street, the French public agency helping French companies go international, Ubifrance, brought the French pavillion at SXSW Trade Show to life. Continue reading

French Tech Club now open!

Come enjoy free French food while meeting French startups!
Brunch lasts until 2pm and they’re not at capacity yet, so you can enjoy it even if you haven’t RSVPd!
French Club remains open with lounge, conferences, press room, startup cocktails, live music and parties until Tuesday.