French bands at Austin Psych Fest from tomorrow!

French music professionals are in town for Austin Psych Fest, announces Austin Angers Connect, the French sister city committee.

Check out the Angers band Eagles Gift that’s going to play at Carson Creek Ranch on Friday at 4:30PM.

French Morning Texas, the webmagazine for the French speakers in the State, also announced French band La Femme will play on Friday night at 10:15PM and French electro-pop duo Zombie-Zombie on Saturday at 5PM.

Austin Angers Connect

“About ten French music professionals will be in Austin from May 1st to May 4th for the Austin Psych Fest,” announces Austin Angers Music.

“This will be the occasion for Austin Angers Music to support French band Eagles Gift from Angers,” adds Austin Angers Music.

“We’ll also get together with the organizers of Austin Psych Fest, partners of Levitation-France, to kick off the French version of the festival that will take place on September 19th and 20th in Angers.”

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March is also French Cultures Festival month!

In Texas, March isn’t only South by Southwest’s month. It’s also French language and culture month!

A free concert that attracted thousands at Houston Discovery Green Park on Friday officially launched the the French Cultures Festival and will again dominate the festival’s program this year. But beyond French Tech Club and French artists at South by Southwest, a lot is also happening in Austin:

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