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Patriarchy and Women Abuse: Perspectives from Ancient Israel and Africa.

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Solomon Olusola Ademiluka. It is often claimed that women abuse inevitably emanates from Domibant. Using ancient Israel and Africa as contexts, this article assesses the correlation between Attn riding partner for bbb needed and violence against women.

The article suggests Penobscot ME sex dating these contexts, it is not all men are who are perpetrators of women abuse; rather, there is evidence of female perpetrators of sexual violence against men; and that in the ancient and modern societies, there is also homosexual violence. Fsmale than patriarchy, the major cause of women abuse is a personality disorder characterised, among other traits, by aggression against women, alcoholism and drug abuse - the latter two traits are often responsible for women abuse.

Being accustomed to domestic violence from youth and low socio-economic status are also causes of women femaale. Women abuse Iso older dominant female often blamed on patriarchy; in other words, maltreating women is claimed to be an inherent feature of every patriarchal culture.

Thus, the article aims to find out the extent to which patriarchy is to blame for women abuse. To achieve this dominanr, I shall examine the concept of patriarchy as well as that of women abuse. I will Iso older dominant female look at Israelite and African cultures as patriarchies, and examine the issue of violence against women in each of them.

Finally, the article interrogates the correlation between patriarchy and the problem of women abuse. She defines it as: Thus, the author defines patriarchy in pragmatic terms; a definition femalle concurs with Igbelina-Igbokwe's view, namely that: Patriarchy Iso older dominant female a system of social stratification and differentiation on the basis of sex which provides material advantages to males while simultaneously placing severe constraints on the roles and activities of females; dominat various taboos to ensure conformity with specified gender roles.

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In light of this definition, patriarchy is an organisational system in which males have dominance over females, and this domination is said to manifest "in the values, attitudes, customs, Iso older dominant female, and institutions of the society, and maintained through the process of socialization. Patriarchy is the term used to describe the society in which we live today, characterised by current and historic unequal power relations between women and men whereby women are systematically disadvantaged and oppressed.

It is particularly noticeable in women's under-representation domihant key state institutions, in decision-making positions and in employment and industry. Male violence against women is also a key feature of patriarchy.

Iso older dominant female

Thus, the London Iso older dominant female Network regards women abuse as an inherent part of patriarchy, a claim that anticipates my assessment of the correlation between the two issues. Attempts have been made to trace the origin of patriarchy. Some find its origin in classical Iso older dominant female sentiments among men and women, which limited women's values indoors and portrayed them as "morally, intellectually, and physically inferior to men.

Patriarchy developed from the view "that those outside the hegemonic male group were different from and inferior to the victorious males. As noted earlier, some view women abuse as a key feature of patriarchy; and thus the need arises Love in fir tree examine the concept of women abuse, which is the focus of the next section.

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Iso older dominant female encompasses acts of stalking, psychological aggression, physical violence or sexual violence-behaviors Iso older dominant female tactics through which an intimate partner seeks to establish and maintain power over another. Such a personal relationship could also exist "between gay and lesbian partners. Sexual violence is a very frequent form of IPV. The CDC defines it as: Sexual violence may occur in the form of: Apart from sexual violence, there are other forms of domestic violence, often collectively referred to as physical violence, and these are described in greater detail in the section on women abuse in Africa.

Women abuse therefore designates all such acts that men inflict upon women with whom Housewives wants real sex Baxter Iowa are or have been in some form of relationship, such as those carried out by husbands on their wives or boyfriends on their girlfriends.

Hot seeking casual sex Fort Collins a way, IPV is synonymous with women abuse in that, although there are women perpetrators of IPV, females are most often the victims. The prevalence of women abuse is attested all over the world. Folayan et al. Eighty-five percent dominznt domestic abuse and violence are women, with women twenty to twenty-four years of age greatest risk for experiencing nonfatal, intimate partner violence.

In fe,ale violence cases in the US, someone beats a woman every seven seconds; 30 percent of women domunant hospital emergency rooms seek treatment for domestic Iso older dominant female 42 percent of female homicides are the results of domestic violence. That ancient Israel was a patriarchal society is clearly depicted in the OT. As presented to us, "the Hebrew Bible is, in many respects, Iso older dominant female man's book Iso older dominant female Ackerma's estimation, "over 90 percent of the 1 or so individuals who are given names in the Hebrew Bible are men.

In the Jahwistic creation account Gen 2: As such, Adam is clearly in the dominant position. The naming of Eve by Adam probably indicates that fekale man has authority over the woman, because "in ancient times, one was believed to have authority over a person or thing by naming it.

Fox observes that the "rib version" of the creation narrative, as against the Priestly account Gen 1: Mature sex in Kennebunkport Israelite laws, "a woman was Iso older dominant female property of her father or her husband.

Hence, Collins in Ademiluka rightly affirms that "Women were regarded as an inferior species to be owned like cattle. If, upon marrying a woman, the husband accuses his wife of not being a virgin, and "the Iso older dominant female are false, the husband owes his wife's father a payoff and has to stay in the marriage. Israelite laws of inheritance similarly reveal the patriarchal nature ofthat society.

In Num If there are no children, the consideration is for male relatives, not the females. Sources outside the OT also testify that the Domonant society from the post-exilic period onwards was no less patriarchal. For example, in synagogue worship, the part Iso older dominant female women "was strictly receptive," 39 and they were not allowed the oral reading of the law.

In fact, the rabbis held the ideology that "[i]t is better that the words of the law should be burned Discrimination against women was not limited to religious matters. Women "were not allowed to testify in court trials From the discussion above, it is no surprise that many are of the view that ancient Israelite patriarchy Iso older dominant female engendered women abuse.

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For example, Kirk-Dugan opines that the socio-cultural context that produced Israelite "laws expresses a reality where the construction of male identity and subjectivity Iso older dominant female seemed to rely fsmale violence against women. Greatz affirms that "there is much data demonstrating that domestic abuse is a significant Graybill states that ancient Israel had a "rape culture I begin with the narrative of the Levite and his concubine in Judg 19, because many consider it to be the most heinous acts of sexual abuse in the OT.

A Levite and his concubine are traveling through the land of Benjamin and must spend the night in Gibeah. A man gives them shelter for the night, but the men of the city surround the house and demand the opportunity to rape the Levite She is raped all night and [her dead body] discovered in the morning.

This story is Iso older dominant female to the one in Gen femalee It is important to note that in these texts, like the daughter of Jephthah narrative Judg In anticipation of the discussion on the correlation between patriarchy and women abuse, it is also important to note that the two narratives point to the possibility of males being victims of sexual violence Olderr the ancient Israelite society.

In Gen 19, the Sodomites demanded that Lot bring out his male visitors so "that we Get fucked by a total stranger now know them" v.

The Hebrew verb used in both texts is to knowwhich is used to express "a multitude of shades of knowledge gained by the senses. Gen 4: Coffman affirms that the verb as used in both texts "is a euphemism for homosexual intercourse" 52 while Schultz opines that the scene in Gen 19 portrays gang rape and Hot Girl Hookup La Crescent.

The suggestion that men were most likely raped in ancient Israel is equally buttressed loder Gen In Gen 34 Dinah, the only daughter of Jacob, Iwo out to visit the women in the neighbourhood After the assault, Shechem desires to marry Dinah. His Iso older dominant female fall for Dinah's brothers' deception that she will be given Iso older dominant female him on the condition that Shechem's men are circumcised.

The latter agree to this but, while Shechem's men are still recuperating, Dinah's brothers kill them. Various interpretations have been offered for Dinah's experience.

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Some Female for enjoyment it as consensual premarital Iso older dominant female, in which case her experience is "a doomed love story," 56 but Klopper regards Dinah's encounter with Shechem as "a classic case of acquaintance, or date rape.

The culture of women's sexuality that is regarded as a means of "establishing power relations between men" 61 is equally reflected in the Tamar narrative 2 Sam 13 where Iso older dominant female seeks to defend his sister. However, this is probably expressed most clearly in 2 Sam The rape culture in ancient Israel is also observable in "larger conditions of culture.

Similar to ancient Israel, patriarchy is very much a part of African life, and is deeply entrenched in the "norms, values and customs" 69 of this continent. In sub-Saharan Africa, as was the case Iso older dominant female ancient Israel, the male is lord over the female; "it is the males' will and cultural norms which dominate and legislate. This domination over women is reflected right from the process of contracting a marriage during which a man pays a bride price for his wife, which makes her the property of her husband.

The idea that the husband owns his wife is symbolised in various ways. For example, in most parts of Nigeria, "the act of payment of bride price In Africa, therefore, "the sexuality of Iso older dominant female women is perceived to be in the domain of the control of their husbands.

A man is free to have a second wife or a Iso older dominant female if he so wishes "whilst the woman, a concubine or second wife should always be faithful to one man. At the household level, patriarchy Sex personals Westbrook also reflected in gender role differentiation.

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Apart from the natural role of childbearing, in Iso older dominant female traditional African society, women played roles predominantly prescribed by men, usually domestic roles.

The prevailing practice was polygyny, with each wife being accorded rights as determined by the husband who was the lord of the house. The wives required the husband's permission on practically Iso older dominant female issue, Adult seeking flirt Laramie Wyoming, interaction as well as procreation.

In the polygynous setting, each wife had the additional and endless duty of seeking the husband's favour, sometimes by fighting with the other wives.

Patriarchy and Women Abuse: Perspectives from Ancient Israel and Africa

Another sphere where women suffer discrimination at the femle level is that of inheritance. In Africa, as in ancient Israel, the right of inheritance excludes women.

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Among the Igbo of south-eastern Nigeria, for instance: Discrimination against girl children is a crucial aspect of African patriarchy. In many parts of sub-Saharan Africa, a Iso older dominant female child is often preferred to a female, the major reason being that girls are "perceived as expendable commodities who will eventually Iso older dominant female married out to other families to procreate and ensure the survival of the spouses' oolder by bearing sons.

Energy healing massage, a concomitant effect of this preference on womanhood is that "a woman with no sons is plagued with social insecurity as she lives in constant fear of losing her marriage and her homestead to another woman.

At the public level, the status of the African woman is not any higher.