French schools

Austin International School is a trilingual private school for families in the Austin area who share a global perspective and value international education. It is accredited by the French Ministry of Education for all grades. The school also has the support of the Mission Laïque Française, a non-profit organization promoting French language and culture.

Education Française Austin offers after-school programs in French for children who live in Austin, but can not join existing French schools (for financial reasons, distance or age limits). The non-profit association was created in 2011 by a group of francophone parents.

The Jean-Jacques Rousseau School, also called Austin French for Kids, was founded in 2005 with the middle school program, and through the initiative of a French’speaking teacher & director and an educational specialist who wished to share the French language and culture with the children of Austin by offering practical and affordable educational options.

Petite Ecole Internationale offers a French language immersion education for children ages 2-5 based on the principles of a Montessori education. It was founded in 2000 and is designed to accommodate a limited number of students.

On top of those different existing options, a group of French speaking and francophile parents organized in order to lobby the Austin area school districts so that one or more would open a French-English bilingual program. The group is called the Austin French Public School Project, and all parents or future parents are invited to join the list of interested families, like the Facebook page, and volunteer with the group.

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