French fun

The Heart of Texas Pétanque Club was started in 2008 by current President Arsène Dupin and a group of friends. Now games are establish regularly at the French Legation, Pease Park, Paggi Square and the Mueller Browning Hangar. Members of the club are from all walks of life. “You are welcome to play with us at anytime”, invites the Heart of Texas Pétanque Club.

The Légation Boules Club (LBC) of Austin formed in July 2014 to provide a forum for its members and the public to learn, practice and play the game of pétanque.

The Nelson Ranch Pétanque club was founded in 2015 and the club is open to any Pétanque enthusiasts, of all ages and playing experience.

A Tanque Club also organized a tournament at Bloor Ranch in Manor in 2015.

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