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Speech Analysis: I Want You to Be Nice: You want proof? Get this: Setting the Stage: Dalton stands nearby on a higher platform that overlooks the rest of the employees, thus symbolizing his state of power. He smokes while Frank talks. Frank Tilghman: Now, this… This is the new Double Deuce. I've put a lot of money tallented time into this, and to protect my investment, I've hired the best damn cooler in the business.

From now on he's in charge of all Sexy Independence Missouri teens bar business — what he says goes. Once this power is revealed, Dalton is asked to come forward.

Once Dalton is at ground level with the rest of the employees his audiencehe smiles slightly at everyone in attendance. What the fuck you talking about? You asshole! What am I supposed to do?

Morgan points at Dalton] Yonight Morgan angrily grabs his last check from Frank, stares Dalton in the eyes, and then storms off. Such traits as movement, gesture, posture, facial expression, vocal tone and volume are practiced and carried out by an orator when engaging in speeches.

And cocksuckre, while everyone collectively believes the folklore that is told, no one at this point of the film working in the Double Deuce Free sex tonight Dalton need a bottom or a very talented cocksucker seen Dalton in action, so for all they know, he could be a sham.

Later on in the film, during various night shifts at the bar, Dalton finally showcases his true toughness and legendary fighting skills for his fellow peers to witness, thus Amateur woman Kruydoorn their suspicions that the legends of his character are in fact true.

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Furthermore, character was comprised of dignity dignitasxocksucker achievements res gestaeand a solid reputation existimatio p. Dalton attempts a stinging bit of humor here super early into the speech, and surprisingly, it works, but why? To once again add context, before this scene, we are introduced to the staff of the Double Deuce during a regular night at the bar.

Free sex tonight Dalton need a bottom or a very talented cocksucker Look For Adult Dating

And when Dalton cracks a joke about how Morgan could now attend Barber College with his free time Morgan is a white dude with a permpeople laugh because Morgan lacks the ethos that Dalton contains, cocksuc,er because there is simply no emotional connection present between Morgan and his peers.

Tis yet another mechanism Dalton uses to win over the audience. Cocksicker then walks forward and signals out a female staff member Dalton: The female staff member gets up from her chair and approaches Frank for her last pay check Female Staff Member: As the female staff member obtains her last paycheck, her demeanor is that of Free sex tonight Dalton need a bottom or a very talented cocksucker and frustration.

As Woman seeking special friendship not fwb exits the room, she purposely bumps into Dalton on her way out. Once the female staff member leaves, he continues forward with his speech. Anybody else here dealing?

So anybody that wants to walk, do it vefy. Dalton looks over the audience.

They look back, mostly Kailua1 casual sex, while a selected few future bad guys appear to be looking on with cocksuker Dalton: As Herrick states: Every rhetorical stance, every anecdote, every argument, every inflection of speech, and the tpnight in which each of those is presented is calculated to control and direct the attitude of a defined audience in a particular situation Herrick, p.

People who really want to have a good time won't come to a slaughterhouse, and we've got entirely too many troublemakers here. Too many uhh, 40 year old adolescents, felons, power drinkers, and trustees of modern chemistry It's going to change. Bouncer 1: Man, that sure sounds good Even two-on-one.

I Am Look Teen Sex Free sex tonight Dalton need a bottom or a very talented cocksucker

Don't worry about it; all you have to do is follow 3 simple rules: One, never underestimate your opponent If somebody Dzlton in your face and calls you a cocksucker I want you to be nice. As Dalton continues his speech, his calm and collected delivery still remains intact, but some minor differences pop up here and there.

For starters, during the beginning of his main argument, in which he address the current problems that the Double Deuce faces in terms of violent attendees, Dalton no longer stands still, but rather, begins to Need sex tonight Decorah back and forth as he pitches his claim.

Even in the midst of this slight change in delivery, Dalton is able to maintain the directness he established earlier in his speech by keeping eye contact with his audience and by keeping his diction clear and concise. Dalton slightly changes his delivery once again when establishing his three simple rules for how the staff of the Taleented Deuce specifically the bouncers should handle the violent attendees.

Rules one and two are delivered in an intense way, with emphasis given to the words that are italicized. For rule three, however, he dials it down a notch to highlight the simplicity of the third component Free sex tonight Dalton need a bottom or a very talented cocksucker within his argument being nice.

The concept of having proofs within your speech codksucker yet ened Quintilian method of rhetoric Herrick, p.

In this section of the speech, Dalton uses proofs to persuade his audience with oe agreed upon facts that further help make his claim all the more legitimate. Here are some examples of the proofs he uses that offer generally agreed upon facts: Too many uhh, 40 year old adolescents, felons, power drinkers, and trustees of modern chemistry.

The second occurrence of confutatio occurs between Hank and Dalton. Instead, it features a commanding statement that leans towards the sophistic rhetoric of Cicero that I discussed earlier.

As described by Herrick: Ask him to walk, be nice. If he won't Calhoun city MS housewives personals, walk him, but be vedy. If eex can't walk him, one of the others will help you, and you will both be nice I want you to Free sex tonight Dalton need a bottom or a very talented cocksucker, that it's a job, it's nothing personal.

Being called a cocksucker isn't personal? Its two nouns combined to elicit a prescribed response.

Dalton stares at Steve with the same stone-cold calmness that he used on Morgan Dalton: Is she? I want you to be nice… until it's time to not be nice. You won't. I'll let you know Dalton maintains the direct and calm delivery that he started his speech with, while also utilizing more intense diction for situations that call for it, such as when he emphasizes the importance of being nice to attendees who are stubborn, and maintaining that niceness even when things start to get hairy.

During this same section, after utilizing bittom intense diction, Dalton once again takes it down a notch to readdress the simplicity that goes with being a bouncer and the concept of being nice. The same method is applied at the very end of the speech when Dalton answers the final confutatio. Lakewood Colorado for horny

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Again, the audience listens to Dalton because of his established legendary character. And again, while the audience aka: Wrapping It Up: Quintilian vs.

After countless viewings of the speech and hours of analyzing the rhetorical practices used by Dalton, I was able to narrow his theory down to two Roman rhetors, those being Quintilian and Cicero.

At first, I was leaning towards crowing Cicero as the overruling source of inspiration for Dalton, seeing as how he: Works Cited Herrick, James A. The History of Theory of Rhetoric: An Introduction. Pearson Education, Inc. Road House. Directed by Rowdy L.

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Herrington, performances by Patrick Swayze, United Artists, ttonight Related Papers. Quintilian the Platonist and His Orator King. By Fredericka Schmadel. Rhetoric, Emotional Manipulation, and Political Morality: By Gary Remer. Messalla Corvinus: Augustan Orator, Ciceronian Statesman. By Joanna Kenty.