Test du centre international d’études pédagogiques niveau B1

Because  we want the participants to be able to:
– send emails,
– do short presentations,
– and debate in French,
French in Austin needs to test all your languages skills before registering you for one of our weekly conversation classes: oral and written comprehension + expression.

To do so, we use the very official Centre international d’études pédagogiques test matching level B1 of the diplôme d’études en langue française (the minimum requirement to take the class).

You’re invited to take the
1. oral comprehension,
2. reading,
3. and written expression
parts of the exam on your own,

send the results to cecile[at]frenchinaustin[dot]com,

and then take the oral expression part of the exam with Cécile on the phone.

If you’d rather take the test in person, Cécile can also meet you for the 1h. Just contact her to make an appointment. Cost is $40.