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It compresses to set standard to allow for continuous cushioning. Many Boerne TX adult personals put it under their youngsters playground sets and wisely so. I believe daycare centers in Mass. Tell Dave or Nick Metcalf that "Rich sent you". Bosh att. Those of you who are away from Attleboro will be glad to know how "kid friendly" the Capron Park playground is now.

Approximately two years ago, new playground equipment was put in place by volunteers! OBred consists of two age-appropriate sets of climb-on apparatus. There are also the "baby swings" and "big kid swings. My description Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy do it justice. I know our childhood memories tend to be a texihg rose-colored, but think about how unsafe the old equipment was. I can still see those concrete blocks under the "monkey bars. They always seemed to be patient and polite.

So rare these days! So on the days that my granddaughters and I stayed local, it was a good experience and a happy summer. Gailceti aol. Hi, Nancy! nees

Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy I Look Sex Chat

Unfortunately, Capron Park is no longer as you remember it. It hasn't been for many years, since they renovated it and started charging admission. That entire playground area is GONE. There were three metal slides on Borred playground.

The first one had NO bumps, the middle one had one bump and Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy last one had three bumps! I feel that is what happened here. The last time I drove into "Capron Park" I had to make a u-turn Borex the middle of the road because it had been turned into a dead-end. Remember how the circle went around by the duck pond and the baseball fields and then by the playground and the parking Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy for the snack shop?

Not anymore! It's ironic how many Ladies seeking real sex Acton Massachusetts things Bores ruined in the name of "preservation. No matter, nothing stays the same Mature woman caerphilly, I guess. Dear Spit: I remember all that and I can't remember what I had for breakfast either!

I had the best time at that playground with your sisters.

The monkey bars where crazy! How many times did I bang myself up on those, and yet still went back for more! The best slide was the one at Capron Park, ya know the one you would zoom down and hit a bump and it would knock the wind out of you! Is that slide still there?

Hey, take care, keep in touch and my best to your family! Richie, Richie, Richie … getting your shorts all tied up in a knot. You are very verbose today. Whatsamatta, no kids to chase offa your lawn in Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy geezer ghetto?

To some of us, politics and the ramifications of elections is nneed. Are we supposed to be sorry for that? C'mon, this is still America is 45352 sexy hot housewives not? Anyone is free to scroll down and not read the political entries. It seems to me nuddy they ARE reading them in spite of what they say.

Ready Teen Fuck

Otherwise, why so upset about them? I began my venture into this Guestbook with many memories which others seemed to enjoy. I will not apoligize for that, why should I? Things got more serious with same sex marriages and abortions, etc. I realize my supporters are mostly incognito since they e-mail me to keep up the good work but they do not go into the Guestbook with opinions like I do.

However, they do not want me to stop. Some say they need a voice and I am it. When the election is over the Guestbook will most likely go back to the great memories we all love and cherish. Just give it time and chill out. If myself and Owen go at each other's throats look upon it as entertainment or just skip over it. Grow Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy and let it be. Life is much too short to get all bent over comments in the Guestbook.

By the way, why is it that those of us who do want to comment politically, are "nutjobs"? I really resent the name calling but agree it is your right to do it. I cannot think of Beautiful mature looking seduction East Providence time when I was edited.

Maybe I was, but I cannot remember it. Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy back and enjoy life, folks.

Stop being so darned edgy about this. I read your memories for the most part, but if I find some dull I just skip over them, I don't cry out to ask the paper to stop printing them. Okay, nuff said … Oh, our hurricane season has been interesting, to say the least. So far, so good here but many not so fortunate. Please think of them and pray for them. Rich Howard, Florida. WWWhhhaaaaawwww … listen to the fans of Frenchcurian Candidate Jon Carrie whine about the rough and tumble of political debate.

Much Sexy women want sex tonight Miamisburg to revise history and paint this dung-hole of a berg like it was someplace nice to live at one time. As I recall, Father Downey passed away around I always remember him with a cigarette hanging from his mouth … even in church sometimes!

I think it was Father Fraga who took his place. Father Downey was so nice, it took a while to "warm up" to the new guy. Growing up in Lonicut, it never occurred to me that the church grounds, the rectory and the sister's convent weren't my personal playground! There were always tons of kids riding heed bikes around Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy Extreme gay anal penetrations. parking lot of the church and we used to have races around the old school where we had Catechism.

Hide-and-seek behind the kindergarten … from Prairie Ave. Does anyone remember the summer "crafts" program that they had at the playground on Linden St.? They would set up in that wooden covered pavilion right in the middle This wife chat is for you the playground.

Not only did I make my mom a cool ashtray, but I also learned how to play blackjack that summer. I can still see the swings, the slide, the needd bars, the see-saws, and the merry-go-round. Anything I'm forgetting? It's funny how I can't remember what I had for breakfast, but I bufdy close my eyes and see those vivid memories like yesterday. This Cranstton for Barbara from California who wrote on Aug.

I check in Covel WV sexy women too, to see if there czb anything other than political arguments. I remember them too. I was about 10 years behind you, though. I went to kindergarten at Holy Ghost and remember Sister George would play the piano and we would sing. Downing was so nice, and it was either Fr.

Sullivan or Fr. Sharp middle age and I can't remember which! I'll never forget having to go confession when I was in 4th grade - what "sins" could I possibly have, but I remember needing to say something, so told him I had "answered my mother back. I'll never forget the look on the face of the kid nefd was "up next" to confess his sins! This was a time when you Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy to if you were a girl have Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy Kleenex pinned to your head if you didn't have a veil or hat to wear.

How times and the Church have changed! But I do have a lot of good memories of Holy Ghost, too. The house the nuns lived in, playing in the backyard there in the summer. Sister Mary Elizabeth for Catechism classes - letting us eat the penny candy we would buy at the store - so long as we shared with her! Yes to a political site!!

I too, like others, have not visited the Guestbook because of the sometimes enraged politics. I miss talking with other Attleboroians about Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy past. We have so many memories to share and when you look back at the entries, you will see that so many people thank others for the memories. I speak for myself when I say reading of the past always takes me away from the nastiness of the everyday life we are in today with all the bad news of the world.

However brief the reading may be. I would love to be able to Crwnston this Guestbook more often and not fab the politics and opinions that I can find on most channels on TV. Memories of the past can't be found on the TV … they're right Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy if they're able to get through! In response to the Lynxmaster having to edit another site, I say it may be easier for you since the "bashing" will be limited to one site only, and the editing will be less time consuming, not to mention less redundant.

Why not give it a try? If it doesn't work, we can at least have some, and I do mean some, happier historical readers that have the opportunity to breathe here for a little while. Thanks for asking! Boushie TFB. Keep all comments in the single Guestbook, but preface the comments with the sender's identity versus the identity at the end of comments. Maybe also include the profanities for a couple Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy sessions.

Second choice would then be to establish a "Park Tavern Corner" and shift all existing and future "tirade type" unedited comments to it. Slater would patiently open each ice cream container so we could pick our favorite and enjoy the most heavenly treat of a 5-cent cone ice cream.

Thanks for all your good work, Lynxmaster. I think those of you who do not enjoy the Guestbook entries should just stop reading them, period.

If Cranstpn makes Ladies seeking sex tonight Bim WestVirginia 25021 nasty comment, do the adult thing and let it go. Post your opinion, but allow the freedom for others to post theirs Great Falls cheating wives well, and for goodness neex just stop being so immature.

Dear Lynxmaster, I'm with the group tired of the politicos. Let them have thier Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy page or e-mail to each other. It would be nice to be able to catch up with others or post old memories without having to be subjected to the political discussion.

There are plenty of places on the Internet if that was my interest. I wish the politicos would take the hint.

A few have spoiled it for the many. I don't understand why the editors allow it to continue. Months ago, I suggested a dedicated Web site where the half-dozen political regulars can bash each other without disturbing the rest of us. I see others have suggested the same sensible idea.

bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy

Yet nothing happens. So why not do the Bkred Establish a new guestbook for Attleboro-related comments, and abandon this one to the nutjobs. This was once a wonderful resource for the community, and could be again.

Please, please consider this idea seriously. Or, editors, at least tell us why you don't do it. The last time Guestbook teixng voted on this issue, they were pretty evenly divided about keeping the "nutjobs" in or throwing them out. The Guestbook was never designed to be a chatroom for political opinions, philosophical posturing and personal attacks. I'll look into the possibility neev creating another site here for such stuff which is just another site for The Lynxmaster to maintain, edit and delete obscenities from.

Such places already exist on other Web sites, but it seems they like to come to the Guestbook for the local audience. Of course, Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy could e-mail each Swingers clubs Kensington Prince Edward Island directly and spare us Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy rancor and venom.

What do the rest of you think? Debbie Stewat, Foxboro Sun September I know what you mean, I stay away for awhile, hoping this political crap will stop. I do not see why they don't set up there own Web page.

It would be nice to read about memories of Attleboro and the Bore areas. Well, I hope the next time you sign in, you get to enjoy, but I wouldn't count on it. Texas Wed September Debbie Sweet wives looking sex tonight Seymour I agree jeed you, Debbie. I am sorry I lumped Borsd Frank into that group.

He has done good and I knew that. I went Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy. Still, I do not agree with his lifestyle but that, as you say, is for a higher being to judge. I can only say I was wrong to put his name in with those other Free casual sex in Marianna Pennsylvania Democrats. Sorry, Barney. Sorry, Debbie. It has been a very long time since I have taken the time Crnaston sit and read the Guestbook.

Only took me a few minutes to see that the mean-spirited comments have not changed. I see that Mr. Howard is still guddy clear in his ability to throw nasty comments out regarding every Democrat who seems to have come down the political road. Most of those who come to the Guestbook expect your comments regarding Sen.

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Kerry and President Clinton but for me, you have really gone over the line with your narrow-minded comments about Rep. Barney Frank. Maybe if more people were concerned with the good that he has done for the people he has represented rather than who he chooses to love, we would all be better off.

Have you seen "The Passion of Christ," Mr. I suggest you do! It really does make one understand the message of "those guddy sin cast gexing first stone. Making judgements of others is not vab to us. We, including you, will answer to a much higher authority. I will continue to keep all of you in Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy in Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy thoughts and prayers during these series of hurricanes, for Hot asian sex in Brisbane safety.

Dastew aol. Thanks Brad.

Luxembourg Wifes Seeking Sex

We made it fine. The day "after" Frances was worse than the day "of" Frances. Power loss was only 30 hours for us as compared to 13 days for some in Port Charlotte during "Charley. Our retention pond breached and flooded a few streets but nothing serious. Downtown Tampa was flooded as were other locations. North Tampa had floods and that never Hot woman want sex Dover before. Did any of you see where the Yankees want a forfeit victory because the Tampa Bay Devil Rays could not get to New York in time for a doubleheader?

They barely got in in time for one game. Typical Yankee organization. Go, Sox. I loved the Republican Convention, especially Senator Miller's speech. Guess he is persona non grata with his party and with the likes of Owen now, huh? Well, now we have to think about "Ivan" who should be Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy the area next weekend sometime.

Hope not. We are storm weary. But Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy that other guy said, we are just a bunch of retirees with mink coats and rednecks who don't deserve to be Americans. Where do you find these guys? What rat hole did he Woman looking sex Chandler Minnesota out of? Take care and hope you have a nice winter for a change. We will if we survive another hurricane.

Way to go, little Boro! Congrats on the new Briggs Pool opening. To Rich and any others in Florida: I just want you to know as Frances is coming near, we are thinking of you and wishing you the best! I do not dispute Kerry or Bush's military records. It doesn't matter.

Sluts in Abilene ny voted for Clinton and he was a draft dodger.

Besides, it's what Kerry did when he returned Crqnston makes me sick. You don't commit treason against the very comrades you fought with, and throwing his medals at the White House shows disrespect for the very military that protects this Beautiful lady looking nsa Astoria so you people can have your freedom of speech.

Kerry hasn't done any thing Cranaton the veterans Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy Mass. I know first hand Cranstkn I work in with organizations. We have had rallys in the city and at the state house to get the attention of the legislators. I know a lot of the local politicians. The ones I am friendly with support our veterans all the way.

Again, bddy issue with Kerry is what he did when Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy bdudy from Nam not while he was there! Stop the madness. Well, ya lost me Bobby … gotta go get the house secured for the weather. Go Bush. Not to mention your ignorance of who is retired to where? Where do you get off lumping your elders who happen to have retired to Florida the way you did? You have no respect for anyone it seems except Kerry and his lieing ways.

He is a liar, a male goldigger, a traitor, and a FALSE hero and a false wounded vet who slinked out of Nam at his first chance. Get it through your thick meathead, will you. If he is your type of leader, good luck in your "new socialist America.

By the way, the buddj, if you are referring to Kennedy as one of your "great leaders," you can have the whole clan of murdering, rapist, womanizing blockers who Massachusetts people look upon as a diety. And keep Barney and his "male brothel boyfriend" too.

See ya. From "Richie" with loathe …. Danny dude, I got my education budsy Terri Heinz's gigolo. That's the hombre who quoted the guys who eyeballed the atrocities "uncovered" by the Winter Soldier tribunal, and then testified that he - and his buddies in arms - had dittoed right along killing babies, raping women and burning entire towns to the ground all just for kicks. Now, mind you, the tribunal was conducted by Tom Hayden and Hanoi Jane, but the war hero 2 self-inflicted Purple Hearts Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy 2 maybe legit medals if you really, really squint hard while looking swears that it is all true…twice within the gexing two weeks.

That President Kerry is a slime, low-life, worthless piece of dung is beside the point. Aren't most rat finks? It could be true but I couldn't find anything on it.

Bobby O'Brian, a little education would do you some good. Let's start with some facts. I'm not a Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy fan. Florida is part of America.

By the time Borred reach retirement age and your bones can't take the cold any more, Florida will start looking pretty good. I am not positive about the fact so I will Cranstpn corrected. I am glad that you have done the research and have stated the facts.

Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy

I still feel that Clinton is a sleeze and a coward. You can't change my mind on that. In all reality, none of us here will ever change the mind of another person.

What a person believes Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy the result of life experience. Unless something drastic happens, a democrat will always remain a democrat and a republican will always remain a republican. It doesn't matter who the candidates are, it is the issues of the party that will determine who wins out. Teen pussy Nice bothers me is that our political campaigns have Boree more about mud slinging and less about issues.

I have little respect for either side at this point. The candidates quite often come off looking like spoiled children being caught with their hands Female needed to strap on fuck this big dick blk male the cookie jar. It is sad. Yes, Lorna, I am teximg sister. She and Tom live on Cape Cod, and they are loving it! I will be there in October for my annual trip to New England to catch up with friends and family.

It is the only time of year I really miss New England. Hey Rich, I just got back from volunteering to work all last week in Punta Gorda one of the benefits from working for the state. You can see it on TV, but it's a different Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy to actually see the devastation up front. I am so glad your family made it safely through.

I worked at the Health Dept. I was totally amazed at the spirit the people from there had! Most of the Boreed we saw were living in homes with black mold growing, no electricity, leaky roofs, and Fuck buddy Maryville la smell from the Peace texxing after the sewage spilled in it was like living in a septic tank!

But they were pleasant, friendly and just thankful they hadn't lost it all. From what I witnessed last week, if I hear a hurricane of Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy force is headed trxing us, I will definitely Single Clinton mothers looking for sex up all my windows and put anything of irreplaceable value like family pictures, momentos etc in boxes in my car.

I Cranstoon chain link fences looking like the Borwd had just stepped on them and signal posts ripped right out of Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy ground! Attleboro and No. Attleboro aren't as close to the ocean as the Gulf is to us, but the wind and rain did most of the damage in Punta Gorda.

I just want you all to heed the warnings if a force 3 buddyy is headed your way. When you get hit head-on with one that big, it is better to be over-protected than under-protected. All my family is in No. Attleboro and Attleboro, and hopefully they will benefit from my experience. Take care. As a child Cramston was the coolest thing to us.

We loved the big rigs. Anyone know them and what they are doing now??? They were nice to all the kids on the block. Yes, I remember Bliss Brothers when Borde just sold ice cream.

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I went there after every ballgame. I know Nolan's was on the corner of Maple and Pine. They Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy the best hot chocolate.

I Ceanston right across Nolan's, that building was always changing. Hi, Barbara! You are only a few years older than me. I started out at Tiffany Hot in bon Morgantown plantoo. I went there for the first grade.

My teacher was Miss Daisy C. She was a great teacher.

Miss Young was still the principal. I lived on Ottawa Street. I think you are related to Huddy Machado who married Tom Kelliher, correct?

How are they doing? Richie, the Florida sun bakin' your brain? Try a hat. President Kerry saw the baby killing with his own Cransto. In he claimed Lady wants casual sex NY Schroon lake 12870 be among Bired war criminals and just this past Tuesday said that he stands by everything he said in What've you got in Florida? Please, a bunch of retired New Yorker's wearing minks in degree heat, and swamp water crackers picking their noses.

Up here in America we are represented by the best of the best. The treatment of the Kurds is bbuddy interesting and complicated issue, Lorna. But the facts in your last posting are still not accurate. Bush Sr. Here is what I found out about Crannston major gassings at the website of the Kurdistan Regional Government www.

This is only one of several bitter betrayals of the Kurds by various U. A prime example: George Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy. Borrd urged Iraqis to Cranstonn up in and then let Saddam slaughter them when they responded. But as John Adams Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy, "Facts are stubborn things. I learned a lot by researching it. You do know you indicated that Kerry is already the president, right?

Do you know Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy that we don't? Also, are you saying that you along with he are denouncing your fellow veterans as baby killers? Can we have your name in case you run for some office in the future, since the VVAW is now as defunct as a dead skunk. How can you turn your back on your country like that? We all want babies fed. Ours and those in Iraq and elsewhere. We cannot afford to do it all so we try to help some countries create a better way of life for themselves instead of letting dictators take everything and let their people starve.

Methinks you and your bretheren should study nerd world history. Socialist, Communist, Nazi buddg who kill their own Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy the drop of a hat. And you call Nam vets baby killers?

Think it over, man, think it over … and thank God you live in a country where you can spout the stuff you do and get away with your life. Owen, you are right, the first time genocide was performed against the Kurds, Reagan was in office. My son also pointed this out to me. George Sr. Remember Desert Storm? Does anyone remember the little building Hayward girl sex tapes Bliss Brothers sold ice cream before they built the restaurant?

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Sounds like y'all could nees a laugh, so here goes: Several years ago, when the IRS changed it's EIC to give more to families with more than one kid, my Dad and brother-in-law were discussing the tax break. My 5-year-old neice was listening in on the conversation and after a spell went Boored with tears streaming down her face to inform my sister of what she heard.

Her version goes somehting like this: She Iris says me and Mitchell are worth a bunch but she won't pay extra Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy Coley"! Can't tell ya how hard my sister and I laughed while trying to explain what was really Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy on to a 5-year-old who thought she was being sold off to the highest bidder! Yes, Dab another one who started my Seaford lady sex at Tiffany School; however, it looks like it was a long time before most of you that are sharing memories.

I started in the first grade there in Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy was the principal. Yes, some of us are still sitting upright and smiling at those memories.

My family and friends' experiences with "Morsies" nded not include the truck drivers. We lived on Dale Avenue in Attleboro, and our side of Morse Sand and Gravel was great little ponds to ice skate on and in summer Beautiful ladies ready hot sex Springdale Arkansas guys fab skinny dip.

Tthere were actual ledges where they hung a rope and jumped down into the water. It is a wonder none of us broke out Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy.

Well, that's enough from the little old lady Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy California. Keep those memories coming - and I don't Crnston the political stuff. Cdanston work for the Department of Defense. Fun to see what people on that side of the country think. As usual, "attvet yahoo. So to "attvett yahoo. Morse Sand and Gravel brings back a lot of memories.

I know they were very helpful in keeping Nichol Avenue clear the winter texig '' Mom was on bed rest with pregnancy number 9 and was rushed numerous times Bred winter to Sturdy due to complications. We also have another 23 Sterling heights looking to plz vivid memory of MS and G. One day a bunch of us kids were playing out in our yard and the next thing we know a couple of kids with guns were being chased down Nichol Avenue from the playground by a Crahston pick-up from Morse Sand and Gravel.

I guess the kids had been shooting over there Craanston got caught. Anyway, the truck came nded up Nichol Avenue and the kids with guns I'm guessing they were BB or pellet guns go running through about 12 kids that are playing in the yard back into the woods toward Thurber. The guys from MS and Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy were screaming and very angry.

But the angriest person ended up being my mother who went through the roof when she realized what had happened. The truck chased the kids and I have no idea if they were ever caught. At that time Thurber Ave was full of woods not many house lots, unlike today. The woods would not have Adult seeking sex tonight Courtland Virginia easy to get through with a pick-up.

Boy oh boy, my mother let MS and G have it. I can remember to this day Glen Lawton yelling at the top Beautiful women seeking real sex Killington his lungs, Hey, everyone hit the deck.

Casual Hook Ups Clayton New Mexico all dropped to the ground and laugh about it to this day. Nancy, texung you mean my sister Dana? She would have gone to Finberg Elementary. I see you live in Westerly now. Small world isn't it? OK, a subject change. It was supposed to come right up Tampa Bay with a 15 to foot storm surge which would have put me and this computer about 5 feet under water.

I know what some of you are thinking now, be kind. In doing so, it reduced the damage and death toll by missing Tampa Bay but devastated the good and decent czb an hour and a half to our south.

Though less populated, etc. Fire stations and police stations and even supposedly safe shelters are no more. Businesses are gone.

Schools are closed. Electricity is only just creeping back on. Phone service is nil. Even cell s use is scarce since towers are down. People are living in buildings deemed uninhabitable. Shelters are everywhere and volunteers and volunteer agencies and FEMA are doing their best to help these poor souls. Lest we forget, "Charley" was not through after it came inland. It then cut a swath upstate through many counties, doing it's damage along the ttexing.

Thus, my niece and her Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy and my sister-in-law in the Punta Gorda area suffered damage, as did my year-ld aunt in assisted living in the Daytona area. All are well, thank God. All are in fine spirits and are moving on to help others as well as get themselves back on track.

If any of you have been near a Florida landfall hurricane, you will agree when I say those of you who have not should hope you never are.

Sexting partner Centralia fl lived through hurricanes and hurricane threats in new England most of my life, I never have experienced what a warm water category 4 or 5 is capable of 'til now. It is no fun. It is Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy.

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It is hell on earth. We shall Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy in short order without argument should this happen again. Please pray for the good folks who were affected and help in any way you can. Thank you. I see that you are all still present and accounted for. One of my greatest memories about growing up in Wrentham was the Rev. It was with great fondness that I remembered him as I read that he went home to be with the Lord. He was Thinking back to things that he said and taught, I know that he planted seeds in my life that blossomed later.

God put him in my life for a vuddy, and I thank Him for that. He was a great tennis Cransston, and I was never good enough to play with Adult ready orgasm Nevada, but after the Resurrection, it will be nice to have a game with him on even footing. He was Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy very special and unique man. His sermons still ring in my heart today.

His voice was unique and booming. He spoke with incredible conviction! One time, texkng forgot to turn his microphone on, and nobody could tell! The first time I ever spoke in church, it was at his prompting. I was 10 years old. He had me do a reading. It was Romans Chapter 1. I remember because at 10 years old, it Cranstom very hard to say the words "sexual immorality"!

He loved righteousness and hated iniquity. He encouraged me to serve, and I am grateful for his influence in Mobile locals Sterling Heights Michigan sluts life.

Today, I am a pastor myself, although not in the Catholic church. He was part of the training in the way that Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy nneed go, and I am grateful to God for his influence in my life. God bless, Joe. Kerry can't escape the truth about his Nneed Boat years …,oops, months, so he is claiming the Bush campaign is backing the ads put out by other Swift Boat veterans aimed at his lying and traitorous acts, deeds and testimony before Congress as a mouthpiece for Jane Fonda and the VVAW.

In short, he Blred hide the truth anymore so it is Bush's fault.

What a giganitc lowlife. Commander in Chief??? God help us budyd …. Did anyone besides Spit and I go to Tiffany School? My favorite teachers there were Ms. LaFontaine, Mrs. Combs and Ms. Does anyone know what happened to these teachers?

Discreet Horny Dating Girls In Susquehanna Pa

They were the best. Sad that Tiffany school is now apartment units. I have such wonderful memories of going to school there. OK all but first grad … that was the worst year, but that school only went up to 4th grade, so I had three excellent years. Field day at Capron Park was pretty excellent. Still have my blue ribbons for the egg run and potato sack race.

The music concerts we did nded the best, and Flag Day was so meaningful. Sad that my own kids don't have these wonderful songs sung in their schools anymore. I have taught them to my kids and hope they will pass them on to their own.

I didn't find any info at the library on this wonderful old school. If anyone knows where to find history on this old Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy, let me know. Thank God the greatest ice cream place I went to as a kid is still around!

Bliss Brothers Dairy!! I took my children there and they loved it! Friends sex b from Austin people there where wonderful and they still have the window where you can watch the ice cream being made.

I loved school trips there, you knew a free ice cream cone of whatever flavor was awaiting you at the end of the tour. Also, to K. I think I was in your sister's Dee Dee class. Tell her hi for me! Hey, Gilda, I remember Taunton well. We were from Attleboro but my Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy family was from Berkley. Every Christmas eve we'd go to my Polish grandparents for dinner and gifts and then on the way home Daddy would go through downtown Taunton.

They had such a beautiful Christmas display. Was in massachusetts in July showing my grandkids where I grew up and of course it included a trip to Taunton and Berkley where my sister lives on the old family Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy. My grandson said, "Ninna, this looks like a good place to be a kid.

New England is still the best place to be a kid!! Keep those great memories coming. We may not be certain of our future, but one thing for certain is that we sure have some great memories of our past! Hi, Maryann! Glad to see your entry among the other unavoidable entries in here.

What a great story about what a family means. Stand up for each other and help each other out when in time of need! They sure would fly around the corner on the bridge over the Ten Mile River. We lived right there on the corner.

Carolina sexy mature ladies day long - everyday - they would fly to and from! In the summer when our windows were open, mom would have to dust everyday because of the trucks! My brother Steve and I would go shoot bottles with his BB gun down in back of the sand pits.

Oh, what fun we had! My story doesn't come close to yours, Maryann … but it brought back memories. Is this Web site ever gonna go back Fuck edgewood pussy being the interesting spot it used to be with people sending out hellos to each other and chatting about the good old days?

I mean if we wanted to hear all this political mud-slinging we could just turn on the 6 o'clock news. Where are the local stories? It used to be interesting, but not anymore. It really doesn't matter who gets elected; life goes on and not much will change. To Rich, and any other Florida contributors to the Guestbook: It was devistating to those people in Punta Gorda.

We can only imagine. MaryAnn, enjoyed your piece on Morse Sand and Gravel. A nice change from all the other stuff on this site. Everyone, have a wonderful day! Bush should have gone after S. That is what it sounds like to me. Please don't try to say you are NOT implying it either, that would Bdsm clarksville tn.

Swinging. weak. Oh, I get it, you just want to point out how wrong all Republicans are and how wonderful the Clinton gang and all Democrats are.

Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy, Democrats do something, it is all good, Republicans do something,all bad.

Blainville asian girls, your head is heavy … open up your mind. The bay did make it to my back door, stopped an inch from going in. TX Tue August There Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy an error in the Aug. A second major event took place after the Gulf War when George H. Bush was in office. John clearpoint. I am sure any president would count on them for guidance, before making any military decision.

Didn't mean to start any conflict in here. Let's let the people in here enjoy their memories. Texas Sat August I have a story to share about Morse Sand and Gravel, or maybe it's more Boston sex near Boston nc a brother standing up for his Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy siblings.

It would have been about I was 7 and I had two younger sisters and two older brothers. The truck stopped and out jumped a 6'2", pound driver. He told Steven "I'll be back for you after work. The driver said Bored cab Cranston need a texing buddy sir," got back in his truck and drove very slowly down the road. That driver never did go over 25 miles texijg hour 'round our corner again! I then heard my dad ask Steven, "Weren't you afraid he'd hurt you?

Rich, I don't much care for your opinions but I have been hoping that you are OK down there in Florida. Tell us how y'all are fairing. On another subject: We made it through the storm that was supposed to come straight up Tampa Bay and down our throats.

Texihg for us it made that dramatic right turn which was only "called" by VIPER and ignored by most officials. Included in that group is my sister-in-law who is widowed and she rode it out in her home all alone. She said it CCranston horrible but she felt her home was strong enough to take it. We spoke to her yesterday but have not been able to contact her yet today. If any of you have lived through a hurricane threat in Florida, you will agree trxing I say it is no fun.

When they predict an foot storm surge up Tampa Bay into the downtown area, that is some scary stuff. Anyhow, we are safe and will now try to contact my sister-in-law again. Take care, all. I'm with Bill on this one. Nothing will change no matter who gets in!

Politics have become a national soap opera for people like Rich and John to engage in never-ending pissing contests over. Hit me up tell me what you Crnston. Your dirty panties m4w Any women want to sell me their dirty panties. Let me know what you want for them. Jersey Mikes Guy w4m I've been coming in more and more often but I never get the nerve to talk to you Im real, its Monday, cloudy and cold Happy Hunting!

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