March is French-speaking month

It’s that time of the year again: it’s time for Frenchs-peaking month -le mois de la francophonie!

French-speaking month Austin couvThis year, the Austin group of the French-American civics organization Français du Monde du Monde South Central USA has made French in Austin’s job of listing all French-speaking and francophile events much easier by coordinating with the different French-American organizations in Austin to put together a document that lists French speaking month events and more.
You can access it at,
and find them all on French in Austin’s calendar.

Here, I’m just going to list the highlights (and what’s really an event special to French speaking month):

In the meantime, Education Française Austin will have hosted spring break camps, la French Tech will have gathered in Austin on the occasion of South by Southwest, and received a warm welcome from the French-American Business Council of Austin, the French Music Export Bureau will have promoted French artists through a series of France Rocks concerts… Not to mention the occasional show by a French-American band in Austin or different French speaking gatherings organized by different French conversation groups. Austin will be blooming wth French-speaking and francophile events this month of March!


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