French in Austin in January: A French reading club and more conversation sessions on top of the regular pétanque games and French movie!

Here at French in Austin, we celebrated the holidays till the end, with a French Kings’ cake on Sunday, and still haven’t taken time to take down holiday decorations.

But after missing January’s first apéritif, Freestyle Language Center’s and Alliance Française’s registration days for this semester’s French classes, the Heart of Texas pétanque club’s annual meeting, and the Capital of Texas’ French-speaking welcome organization (Austin Accueil)’s Galette des rois, it was time to update the calendar, and remind y’all of Austin’s many French-speaking or francophile events!

Because in January, you can still enjoy (on top of the regular French conversation sessions):

  • French-English bilingual story time at the Hampton branch of the Austin public library,
  • DJ sets by Austin French DJ Eric Débris aka DoctorMix at the Aviary (and sign the petition to avoid the bar’s closure if you’d like),
  • pétanque games,
  • weekly kids workshops at Austin French for Kids,
  • a French movie: Alliance française’s ciné club is showing Qui Vive, a 2014 film by Marianne Tardieu taking place in a lower-class French suburb, this month,
  • and a new French book club: an Austin French Circle MeetUp group is starting a group to read Albert Camus’ La Peste.

Also note that on Saturday January 23rd, French immersion preschool La Petite Ecole Internationale launches a series of open houses at area French-immersion schools.

It’s also worth to note that Austin French Social MeetUp group French conversation sessions taking place at Austin French For Kids aka Jean-Jacques Rousseau in North Austin are now split up in two levels, and that the school’s story time for toddlers is now free of charge.

See calendar for details.

Finally, Freestyle Language Center owner Elizabeth Mack also informed French In Austin of her plans for “the near future”: be prepared for “new ‘FLC Abroad’” sessions: “We’re planning our trips to Paris, Italy, Peru and Costa Rica – late summer and fall,” she wrote. “Also our book groups, great events, film festival, etc… Then our May ‘immersion’ for travel.” Ouf!

There’s still a lot coming up, so stay tuned with the French-speaking community here and on Facebook!


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