French in Austin in December: Lots of shows to celebrate the holidays the French way!

We’re already well into December, and many French speakers living in Austin will be back to their home countries during the holidays, but it’s not too late to celebrate the season the French way!

After Freestyle Language Center kicked off its first holidays-themed immersion series last week, an Austin French tradition is coming up on Saturday: the French Legation Museum’s Festival of Charols, to be concluded by Jean-Jacques Rousseau French immersion school’s choir at 4pm.

The school’s end of year performance will take place the next day, and French after school Education Française Austin’s Christmas show the following week, on December 19.

Embracing the French cultures in Austin in December is very much about pleasing the children, but if you want to escape the holidays, you can go see French/Romani film Gadjo Dilo by Tony Gatlif. The Alliance française’s Ciné-club will broadcast this great movie about a young French man who travels to Romania in search of a mysterious singer on Sunday December 13 at 2pm.

Then it will be time to think about where to find bûche de Noël in Austin. Stay tuned to for suggestions on where to purchase the best ones in Austin.


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