September from the French Legation to Cedar Park

September is heritage month. In Europe and the US, the public heads out to the monuments and museums each third weekend of September. And the 2015 edition of Museum Day will be a special one in Austin, since the French Legation Museum kicks off its 175th anniversary celebrations on that occasion. The former representation of France’s 175th anniversary will actually take place next year, but it’s never too soon to have fun, during the free visit of the French Legation itself and the games that will follow on Sunday, September the 20th.

Among other special events for the French speaking and francophile community in Austin in September, Austin’s French speaking welcome, Austin Accueil, will hold its yearly back to school potluck picnic on Sunday, September the 27th, at Brushy Creek Park. It’s open to all French speakers and francophiles. The only rule is to bring an item to share with the others.

I think this is the first time a major Austin Accueil event takes place in Cedar Park, the city that just got a pétanque court. It looks like there are more and more French speakers in that Austin suburb… We’re everywhere!


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