On French in Austin May calendar: cinema, couscous, museums, pétanque, picnics and more!

Beyond the usual apéritifs and conversation hours, May is going to be another month filled with French events!

Just this weekend, the Austin-Angers sister cities committee, Austin Angers Connect, inaugurates a new partnership between Angers film festival Premiers Plans and the Austin Film Society with a new French cinema weekend. French filmakers and festivals programmers are in town for the occasion, and three French movies are premiering right here because of this new cultural event.

Next week, following another InterFrench networking event on Monday night,
and a visit of the Texas military forces museum  by the Capital of Texas French-speaking welcome organization Austin Accueil members on May the 8th (the end of WW2’s anniversary),
Austin will have its very first French-Arabic party with couscous and raï music at a totally French-Arabic place: the Marrocan hookah lounge and French pétanque courts Zaytouna Lounge on North Lamar.

Then, mid-May, following next French Friday at the La Belle exhibit at the Bob Bullock State history museum,
the heart of Texas pétanque club will host the Central tournament of the Federation of pétanque USA on Saturday May the 16th,
and Austin’s French speaking welcome Austin Accueil will have its end of year picnic at Pease district park on Sunday May the 17th.
French speakers and francophiles will also take part in the International multicultural festival on that Saturday.

Even Memorial Day weekend will see some francophile activity thanks to the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce that’s planning to have a Eurovision watching party. Just have a look at the winner of the last edition of this song contest, and you will want to join the fun by supporting the French-speaking candidates from Belgium, France and Switzerland!

Finally, on the last week of the month, following Austin Accueil’s monthly Café Accueil at Central Market North Lamar on Tuesday May the 26th (the Day after MeMorial Day), the Austin French Public School Project promoting the idea of a French-English dual language program in the Austin area public schools will have another public info session and an end of year potluck picnic on Saturday May the 30th (details to be posted on their website).

As usual, you can find all those dates in our easy to import calendar. See you soon!


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