French In Austin launches the French Fridays

On its first anniversary, French In Austin launches the French Fridays, a monthly gathering around something French: some music, a croissant, artifacts…

Because most places are crowded on Friday evenings, and French In Austin doesn’t want to be limited by opening hours (at museums for example), this monthly meeting takes place in the afternoon, and respects the French habit of taking long weekends on a regular basis, thanks to the “RTT” paid vacations (days off given to salaried employees in order to reduce their average weekly workload, that musn’t be much more than 35h a week by French law).

Why not take advantage of a Friday off or a flexible schedule to immerse yourself in French culture next third Friday of the month?

The first installments of French Fridays will be a listening session of French melodies this Friday, before the Franco-American Vocal Academy Grand Concours de Chant at UT on Saturday, in order to take part in the online public vote, an afternoon of music shows at the French Legation during South by Southwest, as part of the French Club SXSW, and a pastries and cakes degustation at Tous les Jours in April.

Details will be added to our calendar, but you can also join the French In Austin Facebook group to receive an invitation to every French Friday, be able to confirm your presence, and get in touch with other French speakers and francophiles.


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