Bastille Day is around the corner!

Patriotic fireworks are over for 2014. But that doesn’t mean we have to store our three-colored attire in the closet until next 4th of July! Bastille Day is coming up really fast (it’s only ten days after Independance Day after all) and France’s national colors are the same as the American ones (no stars nor stripes though…).

Bastille Day 2014 posterI think Austin is the best place in Texas to celebrate France’s national day because we have the French Legation. Alliance française d’Austin throws a beautiful party there every year.

For just ten bucks (in advance; tickets for adults and children over 12 years-old are 12$ at the door), you will have two music shows by Angers fanfare Les Skroks (currently on tour as part of the Austin Angers sister cities program) and French Canadian-Texan singer Christine Albert, plus initiation to pétanque, plenty of activities for kids, as well as a great selection of food vendors. The Alliance sells French wines, beers and other drinks in order to fund their cultural programs and scholarships. So beyond celebrating France in a fun way you will have the satisfaction to help the main French-American organization in Austin.

It’s too late to RSVP to Austin French language club‘s Sunday music and movie night for Bastille Day on MeetUp. But the fun will continue at the French Legation the following weekend. As part of its Summer Saturdays serie, the museum has planned an afternoon of French activities on July the 19th. It’s a good opportunity to learn about the history of the French in Austin.

I encourage everyone to take the tour of the French Legation. You’ll get inside the eldest building still standing in Austin and be able to make fun of the French and their incurable snobbery.

I guess that’s also what make us so special, even very far from France, in the heart of Texas, and what makes Bastille Day so popular here.


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