A French-American Business Council in Austin!

As I wrote in French Morning last week, the French-American community is launching its Business Council tonight.


The French-American business community has had a LinkedIn group fro a few years now, since the French Consulate in Houston first started to encourage the creation of such an organization. But it hasn’t been very active lately. So it’s been pretty exciting, after a French Tech Club for the first time showcased French talents at South by Southwest this spring to progressively gather energies around that project.

After making many phone calls and sending even more emails, I’m very proud to announce that the event crafted by French-speaking and francophile patent attorney Liz Wiley is over capacity. Austin might not have its French-American Chamber of Commerce like Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth do since the end of the 1970s. But the French-American Business Council of Austin will be as good in my opinion.

Those disapointed they cannot attend tonight’s reception with the Consul of France and Austin mayor in attendance can contact the organization via its website: FABC-Austin.org.


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