French opera in the Austin-area!

My latest story for French Morning Texas is about French opera in the Austin area. Pretty unheard-of, right?!

It might be because the Franco-American Vocal Academy is based in Elgin, close to Austin, but not in Austin.

Or because their main mission is training young singers from around the world, not bringing the art of opera ot the general public.

Or because their biggest show is in Houston, not the Austin area.

But I attended last year’s performance of the Fava students (another Offenbach opera) and I can tell you those guys are really worth the (short) drive to Elgin.

There won’t be sausages sold at the show this year (like the two previous years). And it takes place on Tuesday, not Sunday. But it is a unique opportunity to preview an opera that should again draw some 3,000 spectators to the Miller outdoor theater in Houston next week.

And if you really cannot make it to the opera on Tuesday night, you can still join the concert in two days. The students will sing their best opera tunes from 6PM on Sunday at Fava headquarters.

Admission to all shows is free.



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