A new French-speaking puppetry summer camp in Austin

ImageAmong all the French-speaking summer camps in Texas I listed for French Morning, there’s a new one in Austin that seems especially interesting, it’s the puppetry workshop proposed to French-speaking kids age 4 to 7 by Education française Austin (EFA), a French-speaking after school founded by French parents for their French-speaking kids (see the French schools page of this website for more information).

Here’s EFA’s pitch for their first summer camp:

“Come and discover the pleasure of learning puppetry. Puppetry is a unique form of art, which enables artists around the world to put profound subjects at the reach of children and adults alike. Learn about the cultural, historical and technical aspects of various forms of puppetry with these addictive hands-on workshops!”

And here’s EFA’s presentation of the artist:

“Lucie Cunningham is a French artist who moved to Austin in 2012.
She first studied history of art and archaeology in France. Then, with her violin and music theory diploma from the Nancy Music Conservatory, she moved to London to study theatre design at the famous Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design.
After working as a freelance set and costume designer/maker in London for three years, Lucie packed her suitcase again and left for Taiwan.
There, she trained in the traditional Taiwanese art of puppetry under the watchful eye of a great master. During these six years under his apprenticeship, she developed unique puppetry skills and toured around the world to share her passion for puppetry: both with performing and with creating engaging artistic workshops for adults and children.”

The workshop is from June 2nd to June 6th, 9am to 1pm, at Highland Baptist Church, 5206 Balcones Drive.

Tuition is $160.

Another session could be added if there’s demand.

Contact Stéphanie Villard by writing to stephvillard@gmail.com for more information or signing up.


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