Pétanque week-end!

Are you familiar with pétanque? “It’s a boules game comparable to bocce and lawn bowling, but played with steel balls that is growing in popularity throughout the country,” explains the Heart of Texas Pétanque Club (HOT PC) in a press release about their annuel tournament this weekend, from 9:30 am at the historic Browning Hangar in the Mueller neighborhood on Saturday.

Here’s what it says:

“Last year’s tournament featured teams hailing from parts far and wide; Maine to Los Angeles.
“This is a very well regarded tournament in the country” says Arsene Dupin, HOT PC President. “People love to come to Austin for the competition. Browning Hangar is a famous venue to play in throughout the national petanque community.”

One very special guest is Jo Sanchez, a former national champion of both France and Algeria.
Jo makes the trek from Paris, France annually to participate in the tournament and engage with players from the U.S. “Jo is a character and an awesome ambassador for the game,” according to Jim Schwobel, HOT PC Vice President. (…)

There is no admission charge for spectators. Food and drink from local vendors are available at the site. The tournament is a family friendly environment. People of all ages (3 to 90 and beyond) play the game all over the world so kids of all ages are welcome.

As part of a weekend extravaganza of petanque, Zaytouna Lounge will also be hosting a tournament on Sunday, March 16. The competition at this popular venue is expected to be enthusiastic and enjoyable. This is open to the public.”


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