French Tech Club at South by Southwest Day 1

IMG_6541Today’s been very exciting for the French in Austin. For the first time ever, France has an organized presence at South by Southwest! So, as the French Tech Club opened its door with a wonderful French brunch prepared by French chef Rémi Fournier and his team at 311 East 5th street, the French public agency helping French companies go international, Ubifrance, brought the French pavillion at SXSW Trade Show to life.

IMG_6562Then, at 3:30, Paris English-speaking tech blogger Liam Boogar hosted a conference on “Paris: a thriving ecosystem despite itself” that turned out in a conversation with entrepreneurs who considered setting up in France, asking questions on which areas in Paris had more startups, which were the French regions with more tech companies, what was the potential of the French market.

IMG_6572As SXSW conferences finished and the trade show closed its doors, the French Tech Club bar welcomed more people and Austin indietronica band Octopus Project and French band Hooka Hey and French DJ Superpoze prepared to play.

The French Tech Club’s opening party is now about to start. Come join the fun!


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